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  1. RichXTuta

    RichXTuta New EF Member

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    Hi there,

    Thought I'd post this here before I go ahead trying to hire someone, when it's something I can do myself. My bathroom extractor has packed up (seemingly). Very limited knowledge of electronics so don't want to start taking things apart. I can't tell if this piece of material is jammed in the fan in the attic and don't want to remove it and potentially start breaking things. Cleaned out the two vents in both bathrooms and both were well clogged with dust. Could someone advise me on how to proceed?

    Kind regards,
    R W-M




  2. telectrix

    telectrix Scouser and Proud of It Trusted Advisor

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    isolate supply. unclip ducting from fan, if you can access the fan blades see if they're free ( using a thin driver). if they are free, restore power and switch fan on, see if it runs or not.
  3. MrLights

    MrLights Aldo the Haldo

    Dismantle and remove the entire extractor assembly, clean it, reassemble it.
  4. Paul228

    Paul228 There is no spoon

    Hull in Yorkshire
    Strictly speaking, it's bathroom work so you need a qualified sparky. Either way, make sure it has a 3 pole isolation switch. If doesn't, then you will need a sparky to isolate it before you go poking your fingers in it.
  5. marc8

    marc8 Electrician's Arms

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    MTS Electrical Ltd
    could you let us know if the insulated ducting is part of the fan make up or if that is doing something else. wherever possible I try & use rigid ducting even if it means covering in insulation in cold space (loft), flexible ducting is ok on small runs but you mostly always get that type of dust & mould issues from having it installed. I personally would not bother cleaning out the white flexible duct I would replace with a new bit unless can be replaced with rigid.
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