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Discuss aico optical smoke alarms, sensitivity, and hairdressers in the Electrical Forum area at

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    SPARTYKUS Electrician's Arms


    fitted 3 radio linked smokes a few years back, one ionising in a communal hallway above two shops (these got radio linked, mains free optical AICO's, the expensive ones - mains free as wiring was shot at time so refused to connect anything to it!).

    Only option at time was the optical version.

    It has worked well for a year or so but seems to have gone awol - in particular the one in the hairdresser.

    What are peoples thoughts / experiences on smoke alarms in this environment? I knew at the time of the extra sensitivity of the optical alarm. I'm suspecting the thing is now full of hairspray and 'juiced' (no point hoovering it). It just goes off constantly.

    Btw (*edit*) before any 'wit' asks, there is not a fire in the hairdressers.

    As an ironic twist shortly after fitting them the property was flooded and partially rewired / new boards etc so is up to scratch now.

    Would you -

    1. Fit another ionising smoke alarm (radio linked to others, but mains powered now, to lights - all surface trunked anyway)

    2. Fit a heat alarm. Would this help with the clouds of hairspray, etc that appear to have clogged the existing one up.

    Cheers in advance for any thoughts.

    Last edited: Apr 14, 2012
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