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  1. wolfboy

    wolfboy Guest

    Hi when using Amtech.on the tick sheet page tests done, volt drop and phase sequence now appears is this supposed to be tested in all instances and is it an NICEIC requirement or just on Amtech
  2. NoSparks

    NoSparks Regular EF Member

    Voltage Drop
    On my training course we were taught that you could not measure voltage drop becuae you had to simultaniously measure the voltage at the source and point of concern.

    Having said that it could be usefull just to check the voltage cf the nominal voltage under normal operating conditions (whatever they are). I recently found a supply down to 207volts at source which was probably the reason several motors had burned out.

    Phase sequence
    By this I assume you mean L1, L2, L3. Again on our course we were instructed to do this since the consequences of incorrect rotation can be horific. However there is no direct reference to phase on the PIR or Test Sheets given in BS7671 (which is copied into Guidance Note 3). The closest you get is the "confirmation of supply polarity" which could be taken to mean the same thing.
  3. stretchyboy

    stretchyboy Electrician's Arms

    I thought there were two tick boxes on the cert. One for volt drop and one for phase rotation?
    I haven't got one in front of me at the moment but i'm sure there is.
    Volt drop could be measured but would be inaccurate for the reasons you state and if the load was variable, but it could be measured.
    Most multi testers have phase rotation on them, so this is fairly simple case of put your three leads on and it will tell you if they are in sync.
  4. Archie

    Archie Active EF Member

    North Norfolk
    In Amtech is there a way of editing the list of circuit descriptions, the drop down box contains hundreds of descriptions I will never use.
    Many Thanks
  5. g-davies

    g-davies Guest

    As part of the 17 th edition,bs7671 wiring regs 2008.You must now perform the phase rotation test,and tick the appropriate box on the test sheets to say that you have done so.
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