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Discuss Any advice on certification software? in the Industrial Electrician Talk area at

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  1. k17byo

    k17byo Guest

    I'm after a new certification software as I've been using the Napit desktop software, my free trial is up and don't really fancy paying for the renewal.

    Anyone using anything better?

    personally I think the Napit one is rubbish but I haven't had much experience with any others.

    Any help appreciated. ;)
  2. ChrisElectrical88

    ChrisElectrical88 Forum Mentor

    NICs own is brilliant.
  3. Murdoch

    Murdoch Electrician's Arms

    PIRform - I've used it for 3 years and I rate it.
  4. marcusone

    marcusone Electrician's Arms

    Easycert for me.
  5. k17byo

    k17byo Guest

    I've been doing a bit of research and easycert has been a good contender!

    Some people saying it's the same price as Napit desktop? I thought Napit was £89+vat but can't find easycert for anything near that! More like £179?
  6. mike the sparky

    mike the sparky Regular EF Member

    easycert it is for me
  7. KFH

    KFH Regular EF Member

    I use PIRform and I am happy with it and I am a very critical user.
  8. Zebra Stripe

    Zebra Stripe Regular EF Member

    South Pole
    Depends what ya mean by certificate software.....I refuse to pay for something thats easily done with a bit of time and effort yourself. If you've got word just create a word document template, using tables and some formating and you've got free editable certs....its easy I know cos I've done it.
  9. Mark6098

    Mark6098 EF Member

    Easycert for me too!
  10. RichardMoore

    RichardMoore Guest

    Try eBay a guy copies it all and it's the same as you'll buy from napit etc only a £5 delivered to your door
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