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Discuss Anyone got a spare AC plug for a SMA HF series inverter? in the Solar PV Forum area at

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  1. Energetic

    Energetic Electrician's Arms

    South West
    Anyone got a spare AC plug for a SMA HF series inverter? We had one missing today, SMA are saying 4 days, Segen are not saying much. With the looming deadline and chaos in every direction i'd rather get it done in the next few days if possible. I'll pay postage :)

    I know there is absolutely no reason for anyone to have a spare one but just thought i'd ask...
  2. Noddy67

    Noddy67 Guest

    I might have one - I thougth I'd lost a packet last November and got a set sent (took a week or so). i then found it.

    It's def SMA but is there a difference between HF and regular?

  3. Noshocks

    Noshocks Guest

    Its a Wieland connector, should be able to get form RS, Farnell or CPC online for next day.

    Wieland RST series - Farnell 1618948 (3 pole version)

    Cant locate the 4 pole version, you'd need to contact Wieland in the UK
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  4. Noddy67

    Noddy67 Guest

    update - found all the spare DC connectors but not the AC. i'll keep looking and let you know if it turns up.
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