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  1. kyle.spark

    kyle.spark New EF Member

    Hey guys,
    I'm trying to apply for an ecs card but they bounced it back to me as I'm missing a certificate.

    I have a certificate for level 3 2330.
    I also have a certificate from Summit Skills for Advanced Level Apprenticeship in electrical installation building and structures.
    However they require my nvq level 3 certificate which i have either lost or never received in the first place.
    Surely my apprenticeship completion certificate is evidence that i passed my nvq?
    I went through city and guilds replacement certificates and all they sent out was replacement 2330 certs which i don't need.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated as I dont know the course code of the nvq or who i should be contacting about it.
  2. Biggledyboo

    Biggledyboo National Cross-stitching champion 2014-2015

    Can you not contact your college or learning provider?

    Failing that. I've rang C&G a couple of times in the past when they took an age sending out my certs. They were actually pretty helpful.
  3. Matthew Spence

    Matthew Spence New EF Member

    Business Name:
    MDS Electrical Services
    Hi, maybe try double checking if the apprenticeship course was a nvq level 3 or just a level 3 because they are not always combined.

    I did a c&g 2357 which included an nvq but the ECS lost all my nvq work that I had to send them to get my card. Whole process with them was a nightmare from start to finish.
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