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  1. DaleJohn

    DaleJohn New EF Member

    Hi guys,
    So I have and apprenticeship invterview tomorrow with a large social housing company.

    I did a assessment test with them a few weeks back with a bunch of other candidates and got a call saying I scored the top out of everyone and they wanted to bring me in for an interview that will last about an hour.

    I've never deal well with interview nerves and am starting to get slightly worried about the questions.
    What sort of questions do you think I'll be asked? It's been about 3 years since I finished my electrical courses so a lot of the information isn't fresh, I think I can handle all of the general interview questions but am just worrying about being stumped by an electrical based question, can anybody remember their apprenticeship interviews and what sort of questions were thrown at you?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Rob

    Rob Trusted Advisor

    North west
    Your being interviewed to be an electrical apprentice yes?

    They aren't going to expect you to have anything more than basic knowledge you'd pick up at school about electricity. Hence the apprenticeship is there to educate you.

    Having had some previous electrical training will put you in good stead, as has already shown, that's all.

    Just answer honestly and don't try and blag the answers.
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  3. polo1

    polo1 Electrician's Arms

    Business Name:
    GW Electrical & Security
    As Rob, but additionally, housing associations are big on equality & diversity as well as your interaction with tenants.
    So being comfortable working in the homes of people of different faiths & none, being willing to learn about & respect different cultures; good communication skills; showing an interest about the wider business & not just the electrical side of things.
    Have a look at their web site & see what's being said about any projects they are involved in.
    Last but not least, demonstrate that you are willing to work hard at work & college. Good luck!
  4. Pete999

    Pete999 Trusted Advisor

    Business Name:
    They may ask a question regarding Team working, by that I mean working alongside other trades, how would you feel about lending a hand to, say a Plumber for a few hours, just to help the job along, it's been said earlier, equality, diversity, multi tasking is often a popular type of question. Don't waffle on if you aren't sure of the answer or don't know the answer, turn your mobile OFF and good luck.
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  5. Midwest

    Midwest Electrician's Arms

    Turn up smart, not in working clothes. If your offered a hand to shake, do so, not the other way round. Wait to be asked to be seated. Sit upright, with your hands in your lap. Look at the person asking you a question, and when giving your replies and smile gracefully when appropriate. As in all these things, first impressions count.

    Have some questions about your potential employment, not 'cos it might look good, but it's important you know what your working conditions are about. An apprentice posted here some time back, that he got the job, but didn't know what his working hours etc were.

    And what everybody else said. Good luck
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  6. PEG

    PEG Trusted Advisor

    Device gone,eye contact,manners,if the word has a "t" or a "h"...pronounce it,those alone,will put you up near the front :)

    Ask questions,by all means,but make the answers a benefit to them...for example,don't ask "when do you finish?",ask "when do i start?" ....or "what are the holidays?" ask "what are all the training opportunities?"

    And above all,only let the people that help you,like me,in, on any scrap copper job ...;)
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