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  1. Gylesr

    Gylesr Guest

    hi there!
    Just lookin for some feedback.. im just starting out and looking for a small reliable van that isnt a slug and looks ok. i quite like the look of the astra! has anyone had one and have you found them good for work/reliable/practible?. they dont have a side door is this a must?

    cheers Gyles
  2. alarm man

    alarm man Guest

    ive got one,its ok,id prefer something like a transit connect with a side door,its a nightmare climbing over everything to get to the back,a side door is a must imo..
  3. sythai

    sythai Electrician's Arms

    Hi Gyles...

    Really depends on what type of works your be doing.

    I've had a couple of Astras over the last 10 years, latest one being an 2007 sportive 1.3 cdti. Brilliant reliable little vans, nippy and economical.

    But unfortunately this had to go around 12 months ago - due to an upgrade to a T5 VW Transporter.

    Only reason being due to size.

    Astra was ok for just subbing, turning up to site with tool box + couple of power tools (+ the odd foreigner at the weekends / way home from work)

    But then went fully on my own 2 years ago, kept Astra for nearly 12 months, by the end of it was doing my nut in !!

    Worked out every week it must have cost me at least an extra 2-3 hours packing and unpacking van + the extra stress of it all.

    Hope that helps a bit,

    Last edited: Feb 17, 2012
  4. Hiddo

    Hiddo Guest

    Im on my second berlingo. First one had no racking and got a bit cluttered but the one I have now has racking in and it's plenty big enough. Just all depends on you really.
  5. Gylesr

    Gylesr Guest

    Cheers Sy
    I'm goin to be turning up on site ready to work for my employer as I'm finishing of my appreticeship so won't be carrying much stock! Steps,power tools and hand tools so the Astra will prob do fine for a while until I need to go bigger! Thanks for help
  6. sythai

    sythai Electrician's Arms

    Perfect van then - enjoy :smiley2:

    No probs :8: you can always click on the thanks button if you like (bottom left under each post in orange bar)
  7. QSGAZ

    QSGAZ Guest

    I have astra Van and its a nightmare, like alarm man said, its a mare climbing to the back, get something with a side door.
  8. The Finch

    The Finch Regular EF Member

    I've got the connect prefer it to the berlingo I had but find the connect sluggish up hill find I have to drop a gear and put my boot to floor, due upgrade soon and maybe getting swb transit company motor so get what given but a side door is a absolute must for me
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