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  1. PvNewbie

    PvNewbie Regular EF Member

    Hi Guys.

    We've just installed our first Power One Aurora and are pretty impressed. The desktop display appears to be great and we have one happy customer.....except when he plugs it into his PC. Nothing happens. Unlike the SunnyBeam, where you get a 'drive' full of excel spreadsheets of your data, there seems to be nothing from this boy. We've got the drivers installed correctly but are not quite sure what software to run to communicate with the remote display.

    Can anyone help/advise?


  2. saint

    saint Regular EF Member

    West Sussex
    i have had the same problem. or maybe im not doing something right. i need to call these guys but haven't had the time yet.
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    Worthing, United Kingdom
    +44 1903 823323
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