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  1. midiman

    midiman Active EF Member


    I am looking to replace some of old light switches in my house with low profile ones.

    The manufacturer guide says that the switch is roughly 8.7mm x 8.7mm and 33mm depth.

    That seems pretty deep for what I have in place already?

    So should I go for a 35mm or a 45mm 1 gang back box?

    Also the switch is 10AX. Is that ok for a direct domestic replacement?

  2. kingeri

    kingeri Trusted Advisor

    For low profile accessories go for 45/47mm boxes. Even then they can be a pain! 10A accessories are fine.
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  3. midiman

    midiman Active EF Member

    Hi Kingeri,

    I went out and purchased a couple of items so that I could see for myself.

    The switch doesn't appear to be that deep and it should all fit in a 35mm or 25mm box.

    I will see how I get on tomorrow and order a deeper box if I have to.

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