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  1. Trimglafix

    Trimglafix DIY

    I am having a Solar PV install done this Wednesday. It is on a house I rent out. Their (the tenants) electricity supplier is Eon, but I want to ensure I have no delays with registration due to the 3rd March deadline.
    Can anybody recommend a FIT company with excellent customer service? I need to make sure the application goes through without delay or hitch (or even excuses) that make me miss the deadline.
  2. Earthstore

    Earthstore Guest

    Good Energy, If you want to be certain, deliver it by hand, Chippenham.
  3. Trimglafix

    Trimglafix DIY

    Wow. Thank you for a very prompt reply Earthstore. I have begun looking at their website due to your suggestion & have already found it more accommodating than most of the 'big suppliers' when it comes to FIT's. I will continue investigating further....
  4. WRDEnergy

    WRDEnergy Guest

    If you do it though Eon (I did one with them a few days ago) you can email it across to them, I spoke to them on the phone and they said they have a back log and it might take them up to 8 weeks to register it on their side but..... if you get the email into them before the 3rd then you have the 43.3p rate fixed regardless of how long it takes them.... you get an email reply from them the second you send it so you can be sure they recieved it... just thought i would point out they dont have to porcess it by 3rd march just recieve it... or you can send a recorded delevery letter (or both)

    Hope this helps.
  5. WRDEnergy

    WRDEnergy Guest

    sorry also... if you want the email address or their fit team phone number just let me know and I will PM you it
  6. whinmoor

    whinmoor Electrician's Arms

    Wakefield/Leeds, West Yorkshire
    Business Name:
    Medoria Solar
    I recommend Good Energy as well.
  7. MorganPVI

    MorganPVI Guest

    3rds on Good Energy
  8. GaryM

    GaryM Guest

    Good Energy sound like a really good option but my only experience is with British Gas.
    i dropped a completed application form off in person in Manchester on a Saturday morning and received an email with acceptance and their T&C's within 30 minutes.
    I signed the same day and posted back. A second email arrived the following Tuesday to say all was complete and told me when I needed to send my first meter reading in. So a total of 3 days from dropping off to complete, one of which was a Sunday!
  9. Trimglafix

    Trimglafix DIY

    Thanks for the extra info WRDEnergy & the extra votes for Good Energy from others.
    I had not realised that was the case (re submission being the deciding factor); that eases my mind a lot.
    I don't mind how long they take to set me up fully, just that it is at the (potential) higher rate.
    The complicating factors I have (as I see them) are:
    1. I don't live in the property (tenants name on electricity supplier bills)
    2. I am already on a FIT at my home address
    3. The house has a 'prepayment meter' installed

    I know 1 & 2 are acceptable for still receiving the new FIT (not sure about 3), but I don't want to give them chance to reject my claim 1st time round & then put it through on a later date when any issues are clarified. I guess this is where Good Energy trumps as they should be really keen as FIT's fit their company ethos.
  10. Green

    Green Electrician's Arms

    I'd recommend looking at Ecotricity too, very good service.
  11. methley

    methley Regular EF Member

  12. series530

    series530 Regular EF Member

    Camberley, Surrey
    SSE acknowledged and sent the contract for ours through within six days of me taking the paperwork to the post office. I took the precaution of sending SSE an email as well.

    This was a month before the FIT cut off last year.

    I was pretty impressed with that.
  13. Trimglafix

    Trimglafix DIY

    Thank you all for your comments & advice.
    I contacted Good Energy this morning. I was impressed that I managed to speak to a UK based person on a Geographic telephone number with a short length of time on hold & with only 1 keypad option to navigate through!
    They explained that they time stamp all applications on receipt (by email or post) & this will be the registered application date/time even if problems are thrown up that need addressing later. It is a bit of a pain that they need to see a driving licence or passport (not copies) but they will accept a scan in the first instance so I can register by email.
    This is a company that I would not have found on my own; therefore thanks again to all who took time to recommend them.
  14. sharpener

    sharpener Regular EF Member

    Once you have emailed the application you can ring and ask for the FIT team and someone will go through the paperwork with you on the phone so you can have the assurance there is nothing wrong with it. Best utility I have ever dealt with!
  15. Trimglafix

    Trimglafix DIY

    Thanks Sharpener. I will do.
    This is all sounding a lot easier & faster than when I dealt with my own FIT supplier (albeit under no time pressure), hence the worry.
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