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  1. highspark

    highspark Electrician's Arms

    I've been asked to quote for a big commercial job but don't think my company is big enough to take it on. It's only me and the apprentice at present and looking at the drawings I'm going to need a couple of qualified lads and a couple of mates. Me and the young lad do Alot of commercial shop and office fits but this is on much bigger scale. I'm thinking of maybe subbing it out. But 'd obviously want a cut. What do you thinks the best option. Subby out or employ a few lads and do it myself. The jobs Definately mine, I've done Alot of work for this guy, so don't want to knock it back!
  2. trev

    trev Regular EF Member

    There's always agency lads wanting work. There might be a few lads on here who would be interested.
  3. needasparks

    needasparks Electrician's Arms

    Go for it fella, best to keep it yours that way you get all the smaller stuff later. Maintenence etc.
  4. Short Circuit

    Short Circuit Regular EF Member

    Try and work out how long the job would take you, and what you charge for yourself as a daily rate and quote on that accordingly. I dont use the posh estimating software, i just sit with a spreadsheet and go through the job itemising each part and how long i think it will take. then see what subbies will work for, you will find a one who will take waht you can offer really. You should add a mark up on the gear as well, so that will help cover the costs and above all else, help you keep in with this guy. Good luck
  5. mackers

    mackers Guest

    if you do take it on make sure u got good cash flow. gear to pay for, wages to pay soon mounts up! arrange stage payments with the client , hired labour is ok but i would advise you to be on site with them, my experience of agency and labour only staff is as soon as you leave site its tea time ,smoke time anytime apart from work time!
    good luck!
  6. D80

    D80 Guest

    Is VAT likely to be an issue? If not go for it!
  7. fredie

    fredie Guest

    There are a few more things to worry about. It is not just doing the job, that is the easy part. You also need to present all the paperwork at the end. A fiitted Drawinds in AutoCad format and pdf. O&M manuals, which include the certificates for the installation, the fire alrm and the emergency lighting. If this is a a problem you need an expert - I could possibly help!
  8. highspark

    highspark Electrician's Arms

    The job wouldn't take me over the VAT limit no. I'm looking to put it in tender once I've priced it up myself. Could even do it with a subby see how it goes
  9. supasparxs

    supasparxs Electrician's Arms

    Leigh, Lancashire
    being nosey,
    what sort of project is it?
    where in the country is it?

    I would avoid the agency guys if I were you,
    you don't know what you'll get.
    you may get a great crew, but then you may get a bunch of cowboys
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