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  1. The Humble Gas Man

    The Humble Gas Man New EF Member

    West Midlands
    Afternoon all,

    Newbie here (so be gentle-lol)

    No doubt I am reviving an old timeless thread but am going to ask either way ....

    I am a commercial gas engineer by trade and quite a vast amount of my job consists of fault finding electrical panels/bms systems.

    Whilst I can slowly fumble my way through drawings etc, it would be nice to have a bit more knowledge regarding this!
    Do any of you more knowledgeable folk on here know of any generic bms / electrical panel courses that may be available?

    I know allot of this knowledge comes from time served experience but would be nice if there were some kind of training available in this field!

    Thanks in advance for your help :)
  2. LankyWill

    LankyWill Electrician's Arms

    You’d have to be an Electrician to design and build the panels as they require a lot of electrical knowledge. I’d say building them is a niche market that requires a lot of setup.

    We get a firm to build the panels and design the system and we just run the field wiring and connect the panel and all associated accessories. They then come in and run a full test to insure we haven’t made any mistakes.

    I’d think you would be stretching your gas engineer status too far for this sort of work, I’m surprised you even fault find on these sort of systems.
  3. The Humble Gas Man

    The Humble Gas Man New EF Member

    West Midlands
    Thanks for your response LankyWill.

    We do not build the panels nor install the BMS to be fair. This is usually sub’d out when we do a new/refurb boiler room .

    As I’m sure you can appreciate that the vast amount of commercial buildings have either an electrical panel and some sort of BMS.
    When you are faced with a breakdown for a school/hospital/prison with no heating/hot water then allot of my job consists of checking and testing circuits etc.
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