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  1. wallyanker

    wallyanker Guest

    Hi All

    I am re-wiring a snap cabin within our warehouse and have also been asked to put new breakfast bars in for the lads to sit at at break times to eat their snap.

    I am fully confident with the joinery involved but was wondering if anybody could suggest how often a support leg is required to support the worktop. The longest straight run in just over 5.5m long.

    I know it is not an electrical question, sorry..

    Any suggestions??

  2. darkwood

    darkwood Super Moderator Staff Member Super Moderator

    West Yorkshire
    id just use a bit of common sense on this one and use the stools or chairs to guide the distance between the supports i.e. a gap reasonable to fit 2 chairs under, in your case see if you can divide into 3 spaces thus giving room for 6 stools and still maintain good support.
    Not the usual post i answer but il try anything.
  3. baileysufc

    baileysufc Regular EF Member

    depends how thick the worktop is 30 or 40 mm ? if 30 mm id betempted to surport inbetween every seating position as no doubt people will be sat on the worktop being rough if
  4. wallyanker

    wallyanker Guest

    28mm laminate worktop will be used, 2 by 1 screwed to wall to support back edge.
  5. alarm man

    alarm man Guest

    one every metre,incase you get people sitting on the bench,will give enough support
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