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  1. deanrob2015

    deanrob2015 New EF Member

    Hi all,

    I am moving the Christchurch hopefully just after the New Years. I was wondering if anyone would be aware if I could work unlicensed for a while over there or would I be better getting my license for New Zealand before I go?

    I was in Australia for 2 years and never had any problem getting work unlicensed but am not sure if New Zealand is the same. Any help would be much appreciated.
  2. electromotive

    electromotive EF Member

    Get your qualifications before you go, I had to sit my exams again in Melbourne Australia,just to work there and get my licence.
    if you need a copy of the regs before you go, I still have my old book on the shelf you can have it for a small fee.
  3. tex431

    tex431 Regular EF Member

    Outback, NZ
    If your looking to stay a long time, Send off your qualifications now to ewrb, they take forever to asses them. Chances are if you are uk qualified with experience you will have to sit a regs course and practical. It's pretty basic stuff they only run them twice a year so get in early. You will get paid more. You will find work through agencies non registered but at a reduced rate
  4. silver surfer

    silver surfer Regular EF Member

    west brom
    I worked in Christchurch, albeit in the late 90s, and from what I remember then the rules were a bit softer in NZ than Oz. I had a working Visa but didn't take any trade exams prior to or during my stay.
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