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  1. markthespark

    markthespark Guest

    Hi is anyone on here using the cable mate software? Ive just bought it, just waiting for my registration code to come through.

    It looks very good.


    This software will calculate the minimum cable size for copper cables up to 1000mm².
    It also allows you to:

    Check Disconnection times,
    Calculate Zs,
    Check your measured R1+R2 values,

    Check SWA cable R1+R2 values using the Armour as a CPC,
    Calculate conduit sizes,

    Calculate Trunking sizes, select any cable from: Singlecore, Flex, SWA, Twin and Earth, SY flex, YY flex, CY flex, HO7 RN F flex, Flexisheild, Profibus and CAT 5E cables.
    Calculate voltdrop,(the software will automatically select a bigger cable if the voltdrop is too high)
    Find SWA cleat and gland sizes,
    Find maximum clipping distances,
    Calculate the minimum cable bend radius,
    Calculate conduit and trunking support distances,
    Basic lighting design calculations,
    Check Ring main length / resistances,
    Basic Formula and conversion page,

    Calculate Diversity,
    Shows the minimum Earth CPC for the calculated cable size,
    Motor calculations with fuse/MCB selector - for three phase DOL started motors up to 15KW, three phase Star/Delta started motors up to 90KW and single phase DOL started motors up to 1.5KW,
    Board Layout Creator, Visually / Graphically create your Single phase or Three phase consumer unit and print it off complete with labels, a simple drag / double click operation to create your board. Laminate it and it will make a superb consumer unit schedule to leave with the customer, add it to your test result sheets for a professional look, great for students projects or job design.
    R1+R2 voltdrop calculation, Calculate voltdrop using R1+R2 measued values to comply with the Test and Inspect voltdrop check requirements.(unarmoured cables up to 16mm only at present).
    Ring Final cable calculations, Calculate basic cable size for your Ring Final circuit.
    and more.

    Cable sizes calculated for either 110v, 230v or 400v ac supply voltages, and the following protective devices:

    BS88 fuse 6amp to 800amp
    BS1361 fuse 5amp to 100amp
    BS3036 fuse 5amp to 100amp
    (BS EN 60898) 6amp to 125amp Types B, C and D
    RCBO 6amp to 125amp
    BS1362 13amp

    MCCB Merlin Gerin NS100 - NS400 compact range
    to 400 amp
    Square D SFA - SKA to 400 amp
    MCCB disconnection times can be checked

    Multicore - PVC or thermosetting up to 240mm²
    Single core - PVC or thermosetting up to 240mm²
    Twin & Earth up to 16mm²
    Armoured (SWA) - PVC or thermosetting - (multicore) up to 240mm²
    Armoured (SWA) - PVC or thermosetting - (singlecore to 1000mm²)

    SY-flex, YY-flex, CY-flex up to 25mm²
    Standard Flexible cables up to 4mm²
    H07RN F-flex (corrected to 60'C) up to 25mm²
    Flexishield up to 6mm²
    Cable types calculated.
  2. telectrix

    telectrix Scouser and Proud of It Respected Member

    Business Name:
    looks good. let us know how it performs.
  3. Amp David

    Amp David Forum Mentor

    I've got it.

    For the price I find it very useful TBH.
  4. John Blaze

    John Blaze EF Member

    Just for the record:
    Cable-Mate's web site has moved, it is

    The link in the first message does no longer work.
  5. MarkieSparkie

    MarkieSparkie Guest

    I see in the software credits that John Peckham had some involvement with the design of Cable-Mate. John is a well respected consultant and expert witness within the industry and would not have associated his name and company with a poor product.
  6. Echo

    Echo Electrician's Arms

    North West
    Sorry to dig up an old thread but after coming across this using the search function. I have since bought a copy and have to say very impressed for the price. Was thinking about trying to build my own spreadsheet to do this but for £12 its hardly worth it!

    A handy tool for anybody in the trade.
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