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Discuss Can anyone tell me what make manifold this is? in the Central Heating Systems area at

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  1. rolyberkin

    rolyberkin Electrician's Arms

    As per the title, looking for a straight replacement for this anyone have any idea of the manufacturer please? Just want to bolt a new one on if possible?

  2. anthonybragg

    anthonybragg Electrician's Arms

    Business Name:
    What was wrong with the old one in the end (from your last post) did you find out the heating zones it fed in the end?
  3. Leesparkykent

    Leesparkykent Super Moderator Staff Member Trusted Advisor

    Looks like a continental manifold. The actuators are the same as continental and Polypipe.
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  4. rolyberkin

    rolyberkin Electrician's Arms

    Therin lies a story, been there today, the manifold has been attacked by a monkey with a wrench to the point where two zones won’t open, have mapped what zones I could with a flir. I think the issue is that someone has tried to connect a radiator zone and UFH from one programmer. The system is back feeding with the boiler and all pumps on all the time even when no call for heat, previous owner has also decided to connect a cast iron rad across the UFH manifold flow and return. Then they have put the thermostat for the rads in a room with no rads and the UFH thermostat in another room with a radiator in it!?Apart from that all is good!
  5. PEG

    PEG Trusted Advisor

    ....Crikey,sounds like a property owner,not scared of winter...
  6. PJElectricalSW

    PJElectricalSW Active EF Member

    That's a Dumser manifold, the company I work for use to sell them. We still do spares and support these, drop me message and I will see what can be done to help.
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