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Discuss Can I Safely run a Cooke & Lewis MG045CL Microwave/ Grill from a 13 amp socket in the DIY Electrical Forum area at

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  1. waz101

    waz101 DIY

    Hi, Just getting a new kitchen fitted and there isn't a cooker ring main in place so have bought a gas hob and oven to reflect this.

    But I have to fit a Cooke & Lewis MG045CL Microwave/ Grill (due to the oven housing) which has an overall rating of 3.25kw (1000w microwave output, so about 1500w input and a 1750w grill if you use the grill and microwave concurrently - 3250w in total, which I won't do) so can I get away with fitting it to a 13amp socket?

    Manual says it should be on a 30 amp fused spur or 16amp euro fitting but it works fine at 800w on a 13amp plug? Just a bit confused???

  2. ifindoubtdont

    ifindoubtdont DIY

    It might work perfectly ok on a 13amp plug, but when the fire brigade investigate the reason for the fire that burnt the building down and someones death, then the person who didn't follow the MANUFACTURERS FITTING INSTRUCTIONS would be lined up against the wall and shot. The Manufacturers Fitting Instructions are there for a reason, safety, so be careful which route you choose.
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