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Discuss can some one run this through pv sol please & Offer some advise? in the Solar PV Forum area at

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  1. VMan

    VMan Guest

    If some one would be so kind to run the following through PV sol and maybe offer a solution, i would be most greatfull:

    1 - Power one pvi 3.0 inverter with 2 strings of 5 x Hyundai HIS-S250w modules (10 total)

    2- Sunny boy 1700 with 5 x hyundai HIS-s250 modules.


    Basicly i have 1 strings with 10 x 250w Hyundai panels connecting into sunny boy 1700 ( only inverter i could get hold of before 12th Dec )

    Now I have some time to get the correct configuration but don't want to spend too much more £ on the system
    5 of the panels get shaded by a by a chimney about 2.30pm, so im thinking :

    1 - getting a dual tracking inverter (not sure if ill find an efficient one for 5 panles on each string)
    2 - adding a sma 1200 inverter to the 5 modules that get shaded and keeping the 1700 on the non shaded modules
    3 - sell the 1700 and get 2 x sma 1200 inverters.

    - i think micro inverters / power optimisers would cost me too much

    what you guys think??

    Thanks in advance,
  2. FB.

    FB. Electrician's Arms

    Firstly: I don't have PVSOL.

    In recent weeks, with my panels covered, or part covered by snow, I was actually quite pleasantly surprised at how well the bypass diodes managed to not cost me much loss of power output when I took into account the amount of panel area which was still under snow.
    Basically, with the lower half of a string still covered by melting snow, the loss of output was not much worse than if the panels which were snow-covered simply weren't there (i.e shaded panels with bypass diodes only have a small impact on other panels in the same string).

    Long strings may be considered to be bad technique/bad practice "in the trade" (and I would be disappointed one was installed for me with one sub-optimal string), but actually the bypass diodes work quite well and in many cases the performance of one string of ten with five shaded will not be more than several percent worse than having two separate strings. In some cases it might actually be more cost effective to not bother spending £££'s on converting to a second string, although your 1700 inverter seems a little small for the job, if all panels might be in sun at the same time at certain points in the day.

    You might find that a string of 5 won't reach (or will be perilously closew to) the start-up voltage threshold for the SMA1700 in the same way as the requirement for a dual MPPT inverter.

    So, probably the best option of those that you list, would be to have two strings into the P1 PVI-3000, or two SMA 1200's, with a string of 5x250W into each.
    Last edited: Feb 19, 2012
  3. VMan

    VMan Guest

    Cheers FB,
    The sb1700 is maxing out now for aprox 4 hours of the day,( until the shading starts) then once the shading has started the output on the inverter drops to approx 300w mark!

    Think i may wait until after march, see if ican pick up a couple of sb1200 cheap or the pvi3000.

    thanks again
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