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  1. thepipersson198

    thepipersson198 Guest

    Hi guys,

    Just wondering if you can help me on this one,

    I have a RLC series circuit the values are as below;

    R = unknown
    L = 800mH
    C = 300uF

    from there I have calculated;

    the resonant frequency to be 10.3Hz
    the capacitive reactance 51.50 ohms

    The reason I need to know is I need to work out the impedance, which is

    Z= sqrt^R^2+(Xl-Xc)^2

    So I have the following,

    R is unknown
    L is 800mH
    C is 300uF
    F = 10.3Hz
    W = 2pie*F
    Xc = 1/WC
    Xl = WC

    So If there is a way i could work out what the resistors value is, then I can work out what the impedance is, but please bear in mind this is just a paper exercise, so I have no tools i can use to determine this for me.

    Many thanks for your help in advance
  2. Marvo

    Marvo Admin and gender confused Staff Member Admin

    South Africa
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  3. Lucien Nunes

    Lucien Nunes Mercury Arc Rectifier Respected Member

    You have too many unknowns. If you knew the resistor value you could calculate the impedance at a given frequency, or vice versa, but at the moment you have neither so cannot calculate anything.
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  4. happysteve

    happysteve Electrician's Arms

    Business Name:
    Dovecote Electrical
    Do you know the Q factor of the resonant circuit? If so, you could work out R using:

    Q = (2 x pi x f0 x L) / R

    ... or ...

    Q = 1 / (2 x pi x f0 x C x R)

    (where f0 is your resonant frequency)
  5. uksparks

    uksparks Electrician's Arms

    Market Harborough
    I thought the coloured rings around resistors were to tell you how much is was?

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