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  1. Patrias77

    Patrias77 New EF Member

    Hi guys

    I bought kit of ,,360 Degree Universal Car Remote Control Central Locking System Kit Car Security Alarm Immobiliser Shock Sensor for 2 Doors,, for my Nissan Navara 1991 and I am struggling with Immobiliser Relay wiring.

    I am posting here wire diagram of my alarm and I will really appreciate if someone could help me out please.


    My ignition wiring in car:


    Picture of my Relay:


    So basically what I did today was that I just plug alarm on spear battery and connect a relay to ignition ( I cut apart BLACK/WHITE wire in ignition and connect them to the relay) and the white one from relay to BLACK/BLUE and was trying if ignition goes off when my car remote was not in the car but unfortunately there was still power in it whether remote was in the car or not.

    I have seen some other wire diagrams where you can see clearly on them that white wire goes on 12V but I have not tried this option yet because is night so will do it tomorrow probably.

    I am pretty new in this so It might be straightforward for you guys I just wanted to save some $ so decided to buy this kit from China and watched few videos on youtube but no one was talking about this part.

    Thank you for your positive and negative comments :)

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