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  1. Knobhead

    Knobhead Guest

    It’s not a question but an open discussion.

    I’ve had two flats both within .75KM of major 33 / 11KV substations. Both substations equipped with On Load Tap Changes to regulate the voltage to the local supply network.

    I worked regular nights at one time, so I would arrive home at 06-20 ish. Fire up the PC and sit down for a drink. By about 06-40 the lights would be dimming, dim even more and then come back to normal brightness. 30 minutes later same thing would happen. On average about 4 times to raise the voltage to the network in a morning. Followed later by stepping down the voltage as the morning went on. It got to the stage where I could near set my watch by the lights in my flat.

    Anyone else live in a city centre and noticed this?

    I know it happens in rural areas when Farmer Brown fires up the milking parlour, but that’s just VD in the lines.
    I do wish there was a better acronym for Volt Drop!

    (PS I do know how OLTC’s work, I asked a senior site engineer to explain how they worked. He did better than that. I was given the drawings and one Sunday afternoon I was given control of 4 X 20MVA transformers to play with so long as I didn’t go + 500V or - 750V of 11000V.)
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  2. Jonesy83

    Jonesy83 Guest

    im about a quarter of a mile from the city center my lights dim around 8pm and were about 100 yards from our substation
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