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  1. Guest123

    Guest123 Guest


    CK Jokari No' 15, 30155

    Recently acquired one of these due to a large fire alarm contract.

    Was a bit sceptical but thought I'd give it a try. Essentially it does what it says on the tin, well. If you are terminating FP in a conduit box it is very usefull, as you can get it right in to the edge of the box to strip the outer sheath as opposed to trying to get your stanley in there.

    The blades only score the sheathing deep enough for you to remove it easily without damaging the inner cores at all.

    The longitudinal cutting blade also works well on stubborn sheath that wont slide off and again, only cuts deep enough for you to split the sheath all the way to the end and peel it off.

    Again chuffed with it around as in some places its' close to £30!
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  2. Phil

    Phil Guest

    I have a couple of the others for flex. tbh i thought it would become a tool box dust collector but I have been supprised how much use i have had off them. makes stripping flex 50% faster and when working with it all day long thats some time saving.
  3. redapple

    redapple New EF Member

    I purchased the jokari number 15 recently, and got to be honest was not that impressed , I sent it back.

    I would recommend the Weicon nr.400 which is a much better. Its a little bit bigger about the length of side cutters but it does everything, strips, cuts, unsheaths. It was difficult to find in England had to get it from Germany, but is was the same price with delivery as the jokari number 15.
  4. LeeH

    LeeH Electrician's Arms

    I have a Weidmuller stripper but never use. I must try and get into the habit of using it.
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