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  1. rossinator

    rossinator Guest

    I have to buy some steel toe capped footware and want to buy some trainers.

    Comfort is the priority, something I can wear all day and have a steel toe to keep those happy. a trainer with good support.

    Your suggestions please...
  2. Phil

    Phil Guest

    i dont have trainers but i have the dewalt apprentice and they are comfy as any other normal shoes i have. well supporting and waterproof in the snow which came in good this year.
  3. pmac10

    pmac10 Guest

    mate, if your doing anything more strenuous than walking round a site with a clipboard, get boots. stairs, steps,access points. the enemy of the tradesman. trust me on this, like sunscreen.
  4. Phil

    Phil Guest

    i have to agree with that one thats why i went for the apprentice boots comfy when your bent down on the floor aswell
  5. lewlec

    lewlec Regular EF Member

    west wales

    i got the puma ones, they are the ones with velcro. They are really comfy but not at all waterproof but great if you need to take them off quickly to go into clients houses.

  6. SirKit Breaker

    SirKit Breaker Guest

    Dont want to send the thread on a different route but, If you want to give a good impression and not take your boots off in peoples houses then buy some of those cheap disposable blue shoe covers that just slip over your boots. I paid about a fiver for 100 pairs on ebay. Screwfix sell them as well and so do Arco.:cool:
  7. fivestar

    fivestar Guest

    I got a pair of Durakit shoes from B & Q - about £28 from memory and they are so comfortable I wear them all the time. Highly recommended Safety Trainer
  8. poppypiesdad

    poppypiesdad Guest

  9. rossinator

    rossinator Guest

    Thanks for the suggestions guys. Great. Off to try on the Makita and a trip to B&Q (who would have thought).
  10. Aza

    Aza Regular EF Member

    Another thumbs up on these ones.
    Although I would also add a nice comfy insole to them....makes an improvement for sure.
  11. Round Man

    Round Man Regular EF Member

    Scruffs Lightning trainers are very comfy and lightweight.
    Never had anyone complain about them.
    agree with the blue overshoe tho, they are ideal for going into clients houses.
  12. rossinator

    rossinator Guest

    Indeed, after reviewing a number of pairs of trainer steel toe cap shoes, I've gone for the Scruff's Lightening trainer. I put it on and it felt like I'd been wearing it for weeks - super comfortable, I've got quite thin feet mind. £52 at screwfix, cheaper at tool Station £45 Toolstation > Workwear > Safety Shoes & Trainers > Scruffs Lightning Safety Trainer. Highly recommended! Tried the Makita (made by Dickies for them), very good esp for the price of £37 but a little cardboard'y inside for my boney feet, but an innersole would make very comfortable. Runners up were the Vital Airflow X at Tool Station. Toolstation > Workwear > Safety Shoes & Trainers > Vital X Airflow Trainer at £49.

    Bear in mind, I've gone for comfort, so I'll be interested to see how they last... ;)
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  13. pennywise

    pennywise Trusted Advisor

    Last edited: May 9, 2010
  14. Round Man

    Round Man Regular EF Member

    £42 on my website
    Good trainer tho
  15. rick

    rick Electrician's Arms

    I went to a branch of Screwfix and asked if I could try a few pairs on, they were very helpful and didn't mind in the least.

    I found the DeWalt Logic trainers to be the best by far - very comfy indeed.
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