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  1. Gavin John Hyde

    Gavin John Hyde Electrician's Arms

    Business Name:
    Sulis Electrical Services Ltd
    Been having problems of late with hard rocky ground making installing rods on EV chargers next to impossible. This thread might also be of use to people when putting rods in when exporting PME with tricky ground conditions too.
    Have come across this

    Looks quite useful. anybody actually used one of these? did see them at the recent electrical exhibition but didnt take too much notice.
    I have an upcoming install where a rod is only going in just over 2 feet then very hard rock. so this condudisc does the trick,
    I have seen them on lampposts before now, again not paying much notice.
    Anybody got experience of condudisc and the conducrete (similar to marconite?)
    Likewise anybody got a price on them? I am waiting for them to get in touch with pricing and whether I can order direct or via wholesalers.
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  2. ChrisElectrical88

    ChrisElectrical88 Forum Mentor

    Never installed one, however do you thi k soon in new builds something like this will become a mandatory thing to install to ensure the infrastructure is in for the future.

    At some point were all going to have to consider an electric or alternative veichle.
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  3. mattg4321

    mattg4321 Electrician's Arms

    South East
    Interested to see where you get with this.

    One of the big problems with driving rods in is the risk of hitting services. That always worries me. I know you can dig a trial hole by hand, but you have to go pretty deep to rule out water pipes - I think 750mm?

    Then of course you have the problem of hard ground.

    What does everyone else do regarding the above challenges?

    I've seen that DNO often throw an earth plate into their trenches. I've never seen them use a rod. I have no idea where these can be bought though, or how much they would cost.
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  4. Strima

    Strima Electrician's Arms

    St Neots
    All BT street cab builds now are done on conductive concrete as there's been too many incidents in the past banging rods in.
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  5. stevethesparks

    stevethesparks Electrician's Arms

    Imagine popping into Wickes and asking for conductive concrete, they'd think it was a wind-up :)
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  6. Marvo

    Marvo Admin and gender confused Staff Member

    South Africa
    In areas where there's likely to be other services we dig at least the first meter carefully by hand using a spade only, no pickaxe or jackhammer. It's sometimes time consuming but it's the safest way.
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