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  1. zsoltimatrix

    zsoltimatrix Electrician's Arms

    Hi Everybody!

    I am new here, so I say hello to you all.. :)

    I am experienced electrician, but only in domestic stuff. Now I need to work in comercial and industrial environment and my problem is that I don`t really know anything about conduit bending.

    Can you recommend me a good book for that to learn?

    Thank you !

  2. hunterczt

    hunterczt Active EF Member

    the way i do it is have the vice setup with the pipe as horizontal as possible mark your pipe at the back of the bend then put our finger up to the line and when you touch the former with your finger that's where you bend but takes a bit of practice to get use to bending that method gets me with in 2mm of where i want to be
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  3. Guest123

    Guest123 Guest

    The old finger method works for me too.;)
  4. ryanryan

    ryanryan Guest

    I love conduit work.. its an art-form.. make sure you get your saddles in the right places else it looks awful.. and make sure its all square and level as once its in and youve moved along with run its a pain to redo.. oh and make sure you have some extra lenghts!!
  5. ian.settle1

    ian.settle1 Forum Mentor

    Get some one else to do it is my way, I hate it give me pyro instead at any time.
  6. ajelec10

    ajelec10 Guest

    We use a condubend machine witch has angle stops etc on and comes with a detailed guide for pulling those perfect bends to measurement
  7. zsoltimatrix

    zsoltimatrix Electrician's Arms

    Thanks guys!

    I found some books on Amazon, I think I am going to buy something from there.

    I don`t want to be embarrassed when they ask me to do this.
  8. joel

    joel Guest

    I do a test bend on a short piece of conduit, make a mark place it on the former with a reference say end of former and then pull a right angle and measure how far my mark is from back of bend. There are tried and tested measurements for B.O.B for 20mm and 25 mm but I forget them. Practice.....
  9. Gary Wynder

    Gary Wynder New EF Member

    That's what happened to me: I forgot how to do those tried and tested methods to the proper formulas
    (which are really accurate) with the passage of many years of not having to do any. Now I can't
    remember what to do and how to do it! Need to learn it all again, because it's great and much easier
    with zero waste of conduit when you know how to do it properly.
  10. johnboy6083

    johnboy6083 Band Member Electrician's Arms

    South east
    measurements are 20mm= 50mm from BOB
    25mm= 67.5mm
    32mm= 80mm

    its 2.5 times the diameter
  11. SMB

    SMB Guest

    Im now having to start to use metal conduit.

    I havent used it for 20 years.

    So far, in my new job, its just been straight runs, and threading the stuff, ofcourse this is easy.

    But, next week it isn't going to be so easy.

    Err, being a village idiot I have no Idea what B.O.B is, and I like the idea of the above measurements Jonnyboy, perhaps you could explain a little further? Thank you.

    I also don't understand the 'touch method' really.

    Ive got no-one to show me how to do this stuff........ive just got to do it!? Gulp.

    What books did you buy zsoltimatrix? Perhaps you could let me know if they are worth buying? Cheers.
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  12. telectrix

    telectrix Scouser and Proud of It Respected Member

    Top Poster Of Month

    Business Name:
    BOB --- back of bend. never bother myself. bend a bit too long, measure against trunking/accessory etc. then cut and thread.
  13. SMB

    SMB Guest

    Thanks Tel...but I want to be able to do double sets without couplers....I want it to look the business.
  14. SMB

    SMB Guest

    Cheers for that Johnboy, Ive just printed out the link.

    It does make things a bit clearer, reading about it and doing it are 2 totaly different things though! (However, im not under any real pressure and there are lengths and lengths I can foul up and no-one is going to bat an eye-lid. But, I want to be good at it.)

    I think I need to stop thinking about work, it has taken over my entire existance!!!
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