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  1. ketanc

    ketanc EF Member

    Dagenham, Essex

    We have just purchased a new property in Laindon, Essex (SS15) and would like to get the fuse board upgraded and notified to the local authority/certified. We don't yet have the keys to the property, but looking to get an idea for how much this work could cost us in the meantime.

    The current board in place is an old rewireable fuse box with 6 ways.

    Location wise, if you picture a porch -- on the right hand side is the meter cupboard, tails running upwards through the top of the meter cupboard, disappearing into presumably the ceiling void, above some PVC cladding. Fuse board/gas meter to the left hand side, approximately 3-4m away. Service head cutout reads 60/80A.

    Gas meter bonding is in place (will be replaced anyway), water bonding to be done, approximately 12 metres from board to stop cock under the kitchen sink.

    I have already bought a new MK 15 way (21 module) dual RCD board (metal enclosure, compliant with Amendment 3) to be fitted, and have a switchfuse that can be used if needed.

    Please could you provide a rough quote for the above work - please see attached pictures for further detail.

    Please PM me if you would like my telephone number to discuss.




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  2. Dan

    Dan I'm not a sparky but I know a couple ;-) Staff Member

    Thanks for posting this here :)
  3. Midwest

    Midwest Electrician's Arms

    Hi OP, welcome to the forum.

    Just looking at those pictures, I think some preliminary work needs to be done before carrying out the CU change. The 'meter tails' looks like to be swa cable, which is incorrectly terminated in the meter box, and the other end at the fuse board, looks like to be a different cable (6181y cable). Might be wrong, difficult to tell looking at some pictures on the web.

    Most electricians/companies would carry out some testing & inspection, in any case, before installing a new CU. In your case, it may be prudent to have an Electrical Installation Condition Report carried out, depending on the state of the rest of the installation.

    Personally, I would not install a CU purchased by the customer, I prefer to supply & install my own devices & materials, and provide a warranty for them.
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