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Discuss Continuity of C.P.C in the Electrical Forum area at

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  1. Sparky12021986

    Sparky12021986 Guest

    Explain why it is essential to verify the continuity of the C.P.C (R2) prior to undertaking an impedance test on the socket outlet installation.
  2. Guest112

    Guest112 Guest

    on a new install its important first of all to undertake continuity testing to ensure the circuit has been fully connected and that for example someone hasnt forgotten to connect a socket somewhere on the job which could cause a hazard if energised before proving continuity, along with the other steps of rfc testing aswell as insulation tests, the three step ring final circuit tests also prove the circuit has been connected properly for example has been bridged or connected wrong at one of the outlets,

    if its a radial the same applies by completing your continuity test your proving the circuit has been completed and that you dont have any loose connections but again this is for new circuits

    only a very brief explanation could go on and on if your unsure on testing you should read or buy gn3 that should help a lot
  3. Guest112

    Guest112 Guest

    explain more about the situation is it a new circuit ring radial do you mean r2 as in end to end resistance on a ring so on so on
  4. ian.settle1

    ian.settle1 Trusted Advisor

    If the was no continuity then you would not get a EFLI reading when testing.
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  5. Guest112

    Guest112 Guest

    on a radial perhaps no problem on a ring just might not have end to end continuity on a ring
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