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  1. russty

    russty Guest

    News today in the papers around are way in Leicester. 2 chaps come a cropper trying to steal 11kv copper cables from a substation, managed to get away with their lives.

    What makes me laugh is supposedly 1 of them was an electrician so thought he knew what to do!!
    Turned to Herion and a life of crime.
    Know works a bit thin out there for some people but didnt think some people would stoop that low.

    sub-station, Constitution Hill, Highfields, Leicester | This is Leicestershire

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  2. oldtimer

    oldtimer Electrician's Arms

    "Boyce used his skills as an electrician" he is not a member here is he ? Also Harper is the main carer for his old mum a typical get out of jail card if ever there was. Some how I dont think the judge will fall for that one as he will say so what made you neglect your mum for a bit of copper then Mind i would not have lossed a minutes sleep if it killed the 2 of them plus this should have made the national news only for a warning.

    GLENNSPARK Electrician's Arms

    west yorks.
    well they both should have gone up in smoke in my eyes.....and i wouldn`t have given a damn for em either....
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