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  1. steve.b

    steve.b Regular EF Member


    GLENNSPARK Electrician's Arms

    west yorks.
    Last edited: Feb 18, 2012
  3. Engineer54

    Engineer54 Guest

    Who or what the hell is the Heating & Ventilation Contractors Association?? What have they got to do with site electricians work??
  4. Jonesy83

    Jonesy83 Guest

    they get in our way
  5. oldtimer

    oldtimer Electrician's Arms

    Well after working in that environment for 26 years in HVAC controls BMS systems and building maintenance I have worked in buildings where it is 60% of the electrics
  6. alarm man

    alarm man Guest

    aye rubbish them unions,do nowt for your subs...:tongue: theres a couple of members on here who have nigh on won this fight by themselves with the union as well of course..madmac is one man that should never have to buy a pint again he should be knighted..
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  7. Andy 7671

    Andy 7671 Guest

    Sorry, far, far, too cryptic for me...
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