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  1. Alex Good

    Alex Good New EF Member

    I had an electrician out to do a few jobs one being fitting some dimmer switches. They all work fine apart from one.

    There is no buzz coming from the switch as with the others, I can get him back to fix it but if its an easy fix I'd like to rewire it myself to save time.

    Photo attached.

    Thanks for any help given.

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  2. buzzlightyear

    buzzlightyear please let me back in to the prison cell. Electrician's Arms

    star command
    if you have paid him and not working correct get him back.
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  3. Baddegg

    Baddegg Still simmering Ken, not boiled yet buddy x Electrician's Arms

    That’s a one in a million customer there.......
  4. dksanders

    dksanders Electrician's Arms

    No buzz doesn't mean it's not working or right, in fact it's the desired end result. Does the light this dimmer operates work? It's the ones that do buzz that I'd be working to resolve, buzzing normally comes from a cheap dimmer, loose connection, incompatible dimmer etc.

    If the light isn't working then it may be as simple as a faulty dimmer module but basic test equipment and knowledge would be able to prove if that was the case.
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