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Discuss Display drops out on SMA 3000TL-US, but inverter still outputs in the Solar PV Forum area at

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  1. NeilOrme

    NeilOrme EF Member

    My newest inverter has a strange issue - the display quits but the inverter still works.
    I verified the voltage/amperage when display was out, and it's still working.
    This doesn't seem to affect production, but the intermittent lack of a display is of concern.
    Also, the "today's output" is disabled when display is down, and intermittently the unit goes through a startup phase (ser num and the like).
    Maybe heat is the cause ? It seems to happen in the afternoon.
    Anyone have this issue before ?
  2. gr7

    gr7 Electrician's Arms

    I have seen a failed display on SMA inverter with the unit otherwise working fine. If your inverter is under warranty I'm sure SMA will arrange for a replacement, they did with the one I dealt with in the UK.
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