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  1. cprfenom

    cprfenom Regular EF Member

    Does anyone know if condensers can have diversity applied? Or is it naturally built in to the calculations?
  2. TonyMitchell

    TonyMitchell Regular EF Member

    Berkshire, UK
    Under reg.311.1 the maximum demand shall be determined, however by the nature of what they do, there is often no room for diversity in an AC installation, especially the units that heat in addition to cool. On a cold morning all the units go on as people arrive for work. On a hot summer afternoon, everyone wants to be cool, so again, all the units are on simultaneously. Not much room for diversity there...
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  3. cprfenom

    cprfenom Regular EF Member

    Thank you. That is what I have gone with.
  4. I2C

    I2C Electrician

    East Sussex
    When calculating diversity, the recommended values are only advice. Sometimes it's necessary to increase/decrease their values based on the circumstances. If you're unsure, you can't go wrong with 100%.
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