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Discuss do i need 2330 level 3, if i have 2391 and 17th Edition? in the Electrical Wiring, Theories and Regulations area at

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  1. mist

    mist Guest

    Hi, for LUL works, do I need have "2330 safe isolation level 3" separately if I already possess 2391 Insp. & Test. and 17th Edition ?

    Thanks for any help.

  2. Guest112

    Guest112 Guest

    safe isolation level 3? if you dont have your c&g 2330 lev 2 and 3 why did they let you on the courses my college tutors wouldnt let anyone sit the 2391 untill after they completed 2330
  3. widdler

    widdler Forum Mentor

    North East
    With regards to competence in safe isolation procedures, the 2391-10 should be considered acceptable as it is the same syllabus than the 2330 equivalent.
    However LUL may have requirements about what is and is not a competent person for undergoing electrical work.
    If you are doing electrical installation work then they may not consider you competent as they may not recognise you as a competent electrician. Whilst if the scope of the work is in testing and inspection, then the 2391 will most likely be considered as competence for that work.
    Last edited: Feb 21, 2012
  4. pmac10

    pmac10 Guest

    there are no qualifications required to do 2391, however a "practicing electrician with a good understanding of BS7671" is recommended, one of the instructors round my way could recall a maintenance fitter, who against all advice and no 16th edition, enrolled and passed 2391, not the norm though.
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