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  1. mattcpc

    mattcpc Guest

    Hi all
    I run an AV department and have alot of electrical equipment none of it is used by customers or the general public and it sits in situi. i'm not sure if they need testing and gov web sites arent much help. hope someone can help.

  2. SirKit Breaker

    SirKit Breaker Guest

    See my reply on your last post.

  3. K-PAT

    K-PAT Active EF Member

    St. Ives, Cambs
    Hi, if any of the items are used by any member of the business for any purpose on the business premises, then they fall within the scope of the H & S regs which insist on them being maintained in such a manner that risk to users is eliminated.Obviously , how you do that is up to you, but PA testing is probably the most cost effective way.
  4. PASS Ltd

    PASS Ltd Guest

    Legally you just need to ensure that you have a maintenance program in place which could involve a full test or just a visual inspection although your insurance company may stipulate that you should have them tested periodically with a certificate on hand. I'd check with the insurance company first just to make sure.
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