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  1. elo83

    elo83 Guest

    Hi all
    Im currently advertising on the front page of google for a fee of a website company, but im still not getting any calls they are telling me its my website and want me to pay them to make it look better but i think it does the job and do not want to pay anymore.Has anyone advertised on google?do you get much work from it? or is it just quiet at the momment?

    Many Thanks
  2. Amp David

    Amp David Forum Mentor

    Google places for me, free of charge and have had about 3 grands worth of work from it in total.
  3. ifindoubtdont

    ifindoubtdont DIY

    Hi elo83
    Had a look at your site, looks good to the human eye but not too good to a search engine. May be not enough key words. If you where a customer that didnt know anything about electrics what would you type in to the search field to find what you where looking for. With that in mind you might come up with some keywords that differentiate you from the rest. I had the same problem advertising my holiday caravan but since twiddling with some key words I am getting the calls. Hope this helps.
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