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  1. benieb

    benieb EF Member


    I have some properties that need have been fitted with new supplies. The metering people turned up with the fuses but no carrier and told us that they dont supply the carrier. UK power networks are saying that they dont supply the carrier.

    is there someone that know who is responsible for suppling them? or do you know where i can but the carriers from?

    many thanks for your help
  2. steamboatwilly

    steamboatwilly Electrician's Arms

    I'd have thought that the network suppliers provided the carrier? Down here in Cornwall this is Western Power, though on my work they've also supplied the fuse as well. This is the result of the crazy fragmentation of the supply network. You'll not be able to fit the carriers yourself.

    In saying they're not responsible did they not say who was? Sorry, don't know your area I'm afraid.
  3. i=p/u

    i=p/u Electrician's Arms

    hemel hampstead i guess
  4. sparks1973

    sparks1973 Regular EF Member

    or hempstead
  5. londonlec

    londonlec Regular EF Member

    UKPN will supply the fuse carriers.
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