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  1. sinaloan

    sinaloan Guest

    Hi guys I have my assesment for my nic domestic installer application on thursday, i was just looking for tips or advise of what to expect from it to give me the best chance of it going well. any advise would be greatly appreciated thanks
  2. marky sparky

    marky sparky Guest

    just make sure yoh have all your certs .wastedisp statement gs 38 bs7671 osg up to date test equip certs public lib insurance.
    im with napit and i think nic ask for proving units . questions asked will be basic knowledge and if you dont know the answer just
    refer to the bs7671. all they want is to see your competent and arent going to kill anyone. they also want your money. just keep
    calm and you will be ok . i know where your coming from as i was sxxxxxx my self the first time but it was easy just show your
    confident. one ques they mostly ask is safe isolation procedures
  3. Des 56

    Des 56 Trusted Advisor

    Gliese 581C
    Try not to be too nervous
    Bear in mind that as far as I know few if any has failed a domestic installer assessment

    They will be looking at the outset to pass you, and will do so as long as you are not a complete novice and that the documents,both worthwhile and junk necessaries, are in order

    Be confident and make good tea :)
  4. truckster

    truckster Electrician's Arms

    Get your paperwork in order so you can just hand it over. It's impossible to say what they might ask you so don't waste time fretting over it, keep your REgs book handy and if you are unsure don't make wild guesses, just admit you are unsure and look in the book. One trick if it is a trick is make your regs book look well thumbed :)
    As Des said, they want to pass you as they get paid by you.
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  5. Electricalserv

    Electricalserv Guest

    Able to reference bs7671, able to inspect and test. Have your Certs, insurance,waste disposal policy,health and safety policy complaints book etc.
  6. sinaloan

    sinaloan Guest

    brilliant thanks guys, but whats my waste disposal policy?
  7. topquark

    topquark Electricians Arms Member Trusted Advisor

  8. kung

    kung Electrician's Arms

    As said just relax im sure it will be easier than you think ! and also as said make sure the kettle is on when they arrive and a nice biscuit is also available ! got to admit i've never been asked for a waste disposal policy ! the tests will be nothing unusual ! their not there to trap you and remember its your paid for time so make sure you get all the advice you want from them !
    before you know it you will be fed up on how quick the annual's come around !
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  9. sinaloan

    sinaloan Guest

    haha that would be nice kung thanks all for the advice everyone im confident with the testing and the work iv done fingers crossed
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