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Discuss EasyCert Software Licenses in the Periodic Inspection Reporting & Certification area at

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  1. Rkidcd

    Rkidcd EF Member


    Just a quick question for anybody that uses EasyCert. The website doesn't seem clear, does anybody know how many licenses you get when you purchase EasyCert Pro? If it is only one license then unless I'm reading it wrong is it not better to purchase the CD-rom package at £14.99 and the purchase one license at £84.99?

    Tysoft - Purchase EasyCert Pro -
  2. RWJ

    RWJ 8,400+ day wonder Electrician's Arms

    East Anglia
    I think the £84.99 is for additional licenses so you'd still have to fork out the £174.95 for the initial license. The £14.95 is for the software on CD instead of you downloading, which without a license I assume would be the same as downloading a the demo version?
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  3. JK-Electrical

    JK-Electrical Electrician's Arms

    It'll be money well spent. I've been using Tysoft for a while now and would highly recommend it. A great investment!
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  4. Flanders

    Flanders Regular EF Member

    As above and just to add the licence lasts 1 year but you can still be used after that you just dont get any updates or support
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  5. JK-Electrical

    JK-Electrical Electrician's Arms

    I only ever update when the regs change. I would imagine that most other users don't either.
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  6. Andy78

    Andy78 Forum Mentor

    Kingston upon Hull
    Agreed on the pricing. £85 is for additional licences extra to the core package.
    It's a great package and I would highly recommend it. So quick and easy once you get some templates set up.
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