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Discuss Electric vehicle charging qualification in the Electrical Forum area at

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  1. bigspark17

    bigspark17 Electrician's Arms

    Looking to get trained/qualified on the EV charging point installations.
    To those of you who have gone down this route which way did you go about it, is it worth getting training by one of the manufacturers or the training centres like nic?
  2. spinlondon

    spinlondon Forum Mentor

    Harlow Essex
    A number of companies that install these charging points offer training.
    I think a company has advertised on this Forum for installers.
  3. Gavin John Hyde

    Gavin John Hyde Electrician's Arms

    Business Name:
    Sulis Electrical Services Ltd
    If you will be installing them and claiming the £500 subsidy for business or homeowners then you will need a qualification and manufactureres approval for each type, this can be the one day niceic 'course' all theory but if you can fit a CU and a rod then you dont really need practical as such.
    you will also need manufacturers approval for the olev approval. this involves a free one day session from say Rolec, EVBOX etc.. each manufacturer has its own one day thing. just contact them to find out more.

    If you will not be concerned with the olev stuff then its really a case of whether you want to pay for the course or just do a one day free thing. I personally think the city and guilds ev course is considerably over priced. yes you get to play with one but you are better off buying a used ev charger off ebay for less and put it on your own or a family members house and you will learn just as much by reading the iet guide whilst doing it as youd get on the course.
    I did the one day NICEIC course in bristol and didnt learn a great deal, it was more a means to an end. if i get a chance in the week i will scan the course book into pdf for you and send it over. its due to be updated but youll be able to see what it involves.
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  4. Zdb

    Zdb Regular EF Member

    City and Guilds 2919
  5. Marti

    Marti Regular EF Member

    Romford Essex
    Business Name:
    Jigsaw Electrical Services
    A faultless approach. TBH, how many of us passed our CPS with a bit of a no-pressure home install.
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