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Discuss electrical diversity in commercail buildings in the Electrical Wiring, Theories and Regulations area at

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  1. djlander

    djlander EF Member

    hi guys

    just a quick question

    what diversity rules do you normally put to a commercial building, it will have offices with IT equipment, laundry room, kitchen etc

  2. djlander

    djlander EF Member

    don't worry sorted it now, did not have my OSG or regs to hand but do now! :blush5:
  3. Engineer54

    Engineer54 Guest

    The diversity factors found in these 2 publications won't give you anywhere near a realistic result. They are only rough guides. Same with the maximum demand factors...

    Realistic results only really come from experience, be it for domestic, commercial or industrial installations...
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  4. malcolmsanford

    malcolmsanford Electrician's Arms

    I would not use the OSG for this to be honest, especially as it is commercial.

    I would add the protection devices up and use the factor *0.6 and get my figure from that.

    I've attached a DNO guide they use. Personally for me they seem to go inverse commercial 0.8 and industrial 0.5, I would go the other way, as I found that industrial would be working to a fuller capacity

    View attachment Guidelines_network_design.pdf
  5. T&Earth

    T&Earth Regular EF Member

    Hi Malcolm

    Thanks for great post, very useful PDF attached.

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