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  1. Brightspark2

    Brightspark2 Electrician's Arms

    North West
    Try putting someone older on the quote as a named driver, preferably a women .

    Where have you said you are parking it?

    Please note this is named driver not main driver.
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  2. Barry White

    Barry White Guest

    Make up a fake quote on moneysupermarket (just for a trial) put in van details but omit registration plate put address as another number in your street and any name with your dob and any no claims you have. Once you have the profile setup try adding NAMED DRIVERS WHO LIVE WITH YOU one at a time and recalcuate the quote noting the best result its trial and error.
    once you get the quote retry another quote with the same criteria BUT with all your correct details dont forget the van needs business insurance and dont lie about milage or where its kept etc or other details to get a lower quote as it will void the polecy.

    Did this for my son and got good quotes the only reason for the "fake details" is they store all quotes. Sons quote was better with me on this year and his mum last year increased by £30 with us both on ???
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  3. Dan

    Dan I'm not a sparky but I know a couple ;-) Staff Member

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