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  1. wytco0

    wytco0 New EF Member

    Hi All fist post please be kind.

    I have just moved into a new house which has a Smart meter for electricity (we don't have gas). The Smart meter comes with a nice box called an EconMeter (model 5262c) the smart meter is a E470, both made by Landis+Gyr.

    The Ecometer only comes with a Eon booklet that tells me how to use it and the first bit of the manual says "...... Our Smart Meter Installer will have set up your SED aand linked it to your smart meters, so your ready to go" But I am pretty sure he hasn't done that at all as my ecoMeter just says "this function is not currently enabled" and from the Menu/System Info there are no meter serial number listed.

    I am pretty OK with technical stuff as I work in IT so I thought this must just be a matter of linking the ecometer to the smart meter but I cant find any instructions that tell me how to do this. I have had a look at the smart meter and I cant work out how to use the 2 buttons on it, I have tried a few combinations but have ended up with a long row of Zeros ....

    So can anyone help me with sorting this out? I really don't want to have to get EON to come out and do it if its a simple process.

    Last edited: Feb 18, 2012
  2. leewoodscv

    leewoodscv Guest


    I install smart meters for British Gas, if your meter has not been commissioned correctly then you will have to call Eon back i'm afraid as it is not something you can do yourself. you have to put the meter into a setup mode to link with the back-end server. Your meter point number has to be entered correctly and this is not really a customer operation.

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