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  1. BeardyJaws

    BeardyJaws EF Member

    Hi, a little clarity required please.

    I’ve recently been to a property to make an emergency repair to a broken cable ( they drilled through it). I’ve patched the cable for the moment but while I was looking at the bonding I found the CH pipes bonded next to the incomer but not the incomer itself. The board doesn’t appear to have earth bond for water either, gas is present and correct. The incomer is copper then it goes to pvc then back to copper. It’s some distance from the CU unfortunately.
    Since I spoke to them they got another electrician round and plumber for a second opinion and both say the bonding is acceptable. Am I missing something here? I mainly do commercial stuff and rarely domestic.The house is 1960’s in age. 82A87D78-D649-46ED-B26F-2EA60FA28A2F.jpeg
  2. suffolkspark

    suffolkspark Electrician's Arms

    I would say it has an "insulating section" and so does not require bonding.
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  3. BeardyJaws

    BeardyJaws EF Member

    I pondered that but given the close proximity of the incomer to the other pipes I wasn’t sure as all are in the same slab and side by side. Maybe I’m just over thinking it.
  4. buzzlightyear

    buzzlightyear please let me back in to the prison cell. Electrician's Arms

    star command
    a link should be going to the main incomer .cause to me if there is a fault it will not go nowhere but back in side the property and not to earth .
    Last edited: Dec 4, 2018
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