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  1. sparkdog

    sparkdog sparkdog Electrician's Arms

    Sunny Sussex
    Business Name:
    C MacRae Electrical
    Has anyone else noticed that on ebay a lot of test equipment is being listed with buy it now prices which are well above the full retail price?Like Martindale proving unit £280 Megger insulation/continuity £780.
  2. 1shortcircuit

    1shortcircuit Guest

    Ebay is Megger expensive these days (Sorry, couldn't resist ;))

    I prefer to use Amazon to be honest, most items I search for turn up to be cheaper on there than ebay and the service tends to be far better too:thumbsup
  3. jase

    jase Electrician's Arms

    I have to say that i have been looking lately cos i hate my fluke 1651 now, and i have to say that as forum sponsors i have looked on test-meter and i reckon they are a good price, and thats before you get 5% off for being a forum member :yesnod:
  4. supasparxs

    supasparxs Electrician's Arms

    Leigh, Lancashire
    I've just google "proving unit" the first one to come up was

    So fleabay is more expensive, than what we ca normally buy by looking around
  5. HandySparks

    HandySparks Forum Mentor

    Business Name:
    Neish Electrical Services
    Why? What's wrong with it?
  6. tony mc

    tony mc Electrician's Arms

    Same as the Fluke T5's they go for more than the new price a lot of the time!
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