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  1. Dan

    Dan I'm not a sparky but I know a couple ;-) Staff Member Admin

    We're launching an Extreme Sports Forum later this week. It's online now already and you can register for free if that's your thing. Covers everything from Skiing and Snowboard to Base Jumping and Rock Climbing. Water sports, winter sports, wind sports, heights and all the other bits and bobs you'd imagine.

    Also some hockey, footy, and other pitch and court games.

    It's being launched at the end of the week but it's all up and running and you can register now if you want to.

    Extreme Sports Forum

    Should be a good forum. Let anybody know about it that is into this sort of thing.

    We should be getting some world record holders on board for some of the sports too so that'll be interesting when the time comes.

    Another couple of forums will be launched midyear too so watch this space. :)
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