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  1. Mike

    Mike New EF Member

    Got my fica test tommorow only have the fault finding left to do ,but struggle with it as I don't do it much ,does anyone have any tips who has maybe recently passed it ?
  2. Richard Burns

    Richard Burns Respected Member

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    Richard Burns
    I have not done the FICA test (wrong area) but the faults are usual faults that should be easy to identify if you proceed logically.
    The fault should be clear cut and able to be identified by continuity testing or visually.
    You must identify the type and specific location of the fault and provide a method of resolving it.
    e.g. open circuit fault on line conductor between socket one and two, resolve by reconnecting disconnected line conductor.
    You will have been given the description of the problem and so this should help to narrow down the type of fault.
    Think about the reasons for the fault described and then work out what must of happened to cause this e.g.
    Loss of power or non operation can be from breaks/disconnections in conductors that will be found by continuity testing on line and neutral.
    Tripping of MCBs will be found by line to earth or line to neutral continuity testing or by assessment of the current drawn by the connected load.
    Faulty operations may be broken/loose/disconnected conductors or swapped over conductors this should be able to be found visually or through R2 continuity testing.
    Reversed motor operation would be a phase reversal somewhere again visually or by continuity testing.
    Irregular or low power motor operation could be caused by a loss of one line conductor, continuity testing again.
    Localised overheating can be caused by loose connections or corroded joints, visually or continuity testing to find.

    Remember to think first and understand the circuit you are looking at and also understand what can happen to cause the fault described.
    They are not trying to catch you out so think of simple, clear cut faults.
    When testing do not jump from one thing another, proceed step by step as this is more likely to find the fault accurately.
    You will have enough time to be able to follow this process so long as you proceed carefully but not too slowly.
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  3. Vortigern

    Vortigern Electrician's Arms

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    F.H. Electrical
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