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Discuss Flexible conduit with mechanical protection in the Electrical Forum area at

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  1. elementps

    elementps Guest

    Hi all,

    I have a job coming up, installing some pillar lights on a driveway that is being re-laid. My first thought was swa and wiska boxes as have done with a few garden projects), however...

    The lights will obviously be fitted flush to the floor so no place for my boxes and the internal diameter of the pillar is 85mm. So im thinking of some type of flexible conduit, looped underground up to each light position and then using a tough flex. As the regs state any cable buried in a duct needs to have equivilent protection to that of swa, im trying to find something suitable.

    Has anyone come accross this problem before?
    Any ideas on where i can get some suitably protected ducting, not the usual pvc???

    Many thanks
  2. alarm man

    alarm man Guest

    have you looked at metal kopex
  3. The Ranger

    The Ranger Guest

    thats what i'd be looking at pvc coated kopex
  4. Short Circuit

    Short Circuit Regular EF Member

    dont know if the metal kopex is the right idea for that kind of installation - but better than the pvc coated stuff! Havent used the pvc one for quite a while but doesnt it have a cardboard like stuff inside - re the flex, what about SY cable - has similar properties to SWA, but much more pliable

    SY Control Cable BS6500
  5. Marvo

    Marvo Admin and gender confused Staff Member

    South Africa
    I would just use SWA, I think you're making life difficult and probably expensive with Kopex or any other flexible system. Can you use these with an SWA gland and banjo? I'm not sure if they'd work but might be worth a try.
  6. The Ranger

    The Ranger Guest

    your getting Kopex the product name confused with crap contractor packs from wholesalers

    kopex is the metal spiralled stuff

    the stuff i was referring to is the same as above with pvc coating to avoid water ingress
  7. Engineer54

    Engineer54 Guest

    Isn't 85mm sufficient to bring your SWA cables up into the lighting pillars?? I would have thought so. Would make life a hell of a lot easier too, with the added advantage of protecting your SWA gland terminations too!! You can link the banjo's, or the earthing nuts at the lighting fitting. I wouldn't be messing around with flexible conduit if i could possibly help it!!...
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