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Discuss Floor sockets (13amp & 5amp) - domestic use in the Electrical Forum area at

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  1. sythai

    sythai Electrician's Arms

    Think I've only fitted these once before on a conservatory!

    So after a bit of help - to start off have shown my customer what I can get a from the wholesaler which is very limited : View attachment floor sockets.pdf View attachment floor sockets.pdf

    But problem with this is he wants it with a totally flat profile, where it is hinged on the Hamilton this is slightly raised ?

    The old floor sockets which we're replacing were made by 'Walsall' and do have a flat profile like this, but I cant seem to find any further info on them - about 20years old. Wondering if they still exist.

    Any alternative options ?

    Many Thanks,

  2. Dan the spark

    Dan the spark Electrician's Arms

    Woodley, reading
    I might be mistaken but im sure Walsall are under the Edmundsons banner (am I allowed to say that, sorry bout the advertising) so maybe go in and see them?
  3. sythai

    sythai Electrician's Arms

    Thanks Dan will give them a buzz tomorrow and see...
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