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  1. weps

    weps New EF Member

    I'm about to return my 2nd Fluke T-150 voltage tester for a free replacement under warranty after it failed with what appears to be a loose connection in the smaller (black) probe (failed with the same thing both times, push the cable going into the black probe to one side, it works, other side nothing). It's not been abused, only relatively light use but it's as if there's no cord grip in the black probe. Has anyone else seen or heard of this happening on this tester?

    Fluke have been really good to be fair to them but if this model has some ongoing design problem I'll ask them to send a different model instead.
  2. SparkyChick

    SparkyChick Making a banana smoothy for my fave gorilla Staff Member Moderator

    South Wales
    Business Name:
    Hi weps,

    Bit late I know, but how long have you had it? I have a T-150 that I picked up in June last year. It's not had that much use, but it's always being thrown around in my toolbag and slung round my neck when I'm working and well... now I'm writing this I'm thinking to myself it's gonna break now, especially if I says it's ok :eek:
  3. Midwest

    Midwest Electrician's Arms

    Funnily enough I bought a Fluke 110, in replacement for a Di-LOG tester because a lead had come out of the Di-LOG, carp cord grip. No such probs with the Fluke.
  4. ashg285

    ashg285 Regular EF Member

    heard quite a lot of people complain about the t-150 model, i really liked the look of it but I've seen plenty of people say the resistance function isn't very good as it doesn't zero or zero correctly.
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